About Karma-link

We named the company Karma-link specifically because we believe in the connection between one's actions and achieving successful results. In business and life, we continually strive to follow the simple plan that hard work mixed with good intentions equal "win win" relationships for our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Our Team


Lisa Reny
Co-founder & President

Lisa is the Co-Founder and President of Karma-Link Management Services. She has an extensive background focused on customer service and experience; association and conference management; as well as an overall understanding of the importance of marketing and communications. She brings her passion and enthusiasm to our customers and members with her strong organization and interpersonal skills.


Emily Fournier
Manager, Customer Success & Communications

Emily has been working in association management since she graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration from Minot State University where she was a varsity softball player. She has expertise in social marketing, communications and major event planning and execution.


Bill Reny
Co-founder & General Manager

Bill is the co-founder and General Manager of Karma-Link. Bill started Karma-link with Lisa after a 30-year corporate career. Bill has expertise in commercial operations, business development, customer success, digital transformation and financial management. He has a  proven track record of starting new ventures, innovation and leading change.